handmade jewelry with a heart.

At ElyseRyan Jewelry, our high-end pieces are crafted with the finest materials and expert skill. We invest our time and profits in supporting multiple charities, foundations, and organizations that strive for positive change.

together, we aim to create a brighter future for all.

They have each been touched by the pain of cancer and are passionate about the impact that connection and community can make for thrivers

Each purchase comes with 2 bracelets, one for you and one for someone you love. It is meant to bond you and serve as a reminder to the person in your life that is undergoing treatment that they are not alone and they have you to lean on.

     "Here are two bracelets. One for you and one for me. To show my love, support and our bond. You'll wear one and know that I'm also wearing one, thinking of you every day and beyond. When you look at this bracelet know that you are loved and important. I am here for you to lean on."

S.E.A. Waves of support bracelets are created by colon cancer thriver, amri kibbler (founder of heymama, the community for moms in business), and cancer allies stacy igel (founder of the global impact brand boy meets girl® and author of embracing the calm in the chaos) and elyse ryan (founder of elyseryan Jewelry). Our mission is to help alleviate loneliness during the cancer journey.


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by Stacy, Elise and Amri

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My Cancer Family will receive 50% of the net proceeds from every S.E.A. Bracelet purchase.

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ElyseRyan Jewelry started as a way to spread beauty through jewelry and has blossomed into a brand giving back and sharing the love of art with the world. Our founder and creative artist behind the ElyseRyan Jewelry Company, Elise Rosenstock, embarked on her ambitious journey nearly 20 years ago, starting from her very own kitchen table. Today, her company has grown into a renowned national brand, known as ElyseRyan Jewelry.


“ For those who are battling and for those who lost the battle – everyone’s stories are different and meaningful. I hope my designs help bring beauty, awareness, hope and joy in difficult times. ”








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